Our Story

In May 2008, a bunny named Benji was told he required surgery to remove his right eye, at an estimated cost of $1,300.00. This was a sudden and scary thing for his mom, and she searched all over the net for funding assistance resources, and pleaded with anyone who might listen. She created a blog for Benji to tell his story and try to get help, but word wasn’t spreading fast enough.

Then Benji’s mom came across a web site called Bunspace, which is devoted exclusively to companion rabbits. She immediately signed him up so Benji could make his plight known to lots and lots of bunnies, telling of his need for surgery.

The mom of a fellow bunny (The Ratt) on Bunspace read his story and contacted Benji’s mom to let her know she had an idea of a way to help. To make a long story short, Ratt’s mom gathered lots of other bunnies and bunny moms around and let them know about Benji’s need. She asked for financial donations, and some individuals brought forward things to sell on behalf of Benji. The response by fellow members was a tremendous outpouring of both online sales and direct monetary contributions.

Everyone was so generous that the total amount raised exceeded the cost of Benji’s surgery and follow-up care. Those extra funds were passed along to another bunny in need of financial assistance, and thus the seeds of Bunnies in Need were sown!

With the kind approval of the Bunspace administrators, Ratt’s mom and Benji’s mom created a group within Bunspace and named it “Bunnies in Need,” or “BIN” as we all came to call it.  Members used this group as a way to keep in touch about what bunnies needed help and who could give assistance. From the time that the fund raising efforts for Benji occurred in Spring 2008, until the end of 2009, over 100 bunnies have been the recipients of financial assistance for needed medical treatment and procedures.

Bunnies In Need was so successful, and its scope had grown so large, that significant changes became necessary.  BIN now has its own web site rather than functioning through a group on Bunspace.  And in January, 2010 the administrative torch was passed to Benji’s mom. Bunnies In Need is now its own entity and due to the responsibilities and obligations of handling large sums of money on behalf of so many bunnies, BIN is now formally filing as a non-profit and is being managed by a board of directors. We are in the process of obtaining registration as a Canadian non-profit organization and when that status has been obtained, BIN will seek the same status in the U.S.

And with every bunny we help through your generous donations, the story continues…!