Andy Chloe Buddy Iago Rocky Corabelle Dexter Stillwater Benji
Andy Andy was in need on being neutered if he was ever to bond with Chloe! The story has a hoppy ending……..
Chloe Chloe came from a family that had her in a cage so small she could barely turn around in it and she was living in filth and was not spayed.
Buddy Buddy was a gorgeous and friendly bunny slated to be euthanized. After being transported to his forever home, it was discovered that Buddy was very ill. Thanks to the generous supporters of BIN, Buddy was able to get the treatment needed and is now a very healthy and happy bunny.
Iago Little Iago was found on the side of the road where he had been dumped with nothing but some newspaper and a hay cube. His eye was badly damaged and he was very thin, but thanks to the kindness of his rescuer and the support of BIN he is well looked after.
Rocky Rocky lived in Greece where no vets knew how to treat the mass that was pressing against his trachea and his heart. BIN rallied to raise the money to bring Rocky to a specialist in Canada and save his life. Sadly, sweet Rocky didn’t make it to Canada, but lives on in our hearts.
Corabelle Rescue bunnies Cora and Lucy were allegedly sisters, until one day there were lots and lots of babies! Corabelle’s mom was beside herself, not knowing what to do, then BIN heard the story and saved the day with spay-neuter sponsorships.
Dexter Poor Dexter had spurs on his molars which were causing ulcerations on his tongue. He was losing weight and grooming himself non-stop, which alerted his mom that something was wrong. We are pleased to say all funds were raised and Dexter had a full recovery!
Stillwater Stillwater was declared unadoptable and scheduled to be euthanized, despite the fact that his health issues were treatable. BIN adopted him and supporters provided him a home and the funds to ensure that he had the care he needed for the final year of his life. We’ll miss you, Stillwater…
Benji Benji was a super-friendly rescue bunny who surprised his owner with an eye infection that would not heal. The vet said his eye had to be removed. Thanks to BIN, the funds were raised for his surgery and Benji healed quickly and is a very healthy bunny now.

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Please consider donating to the BIN general fund to help build our reserves for treatment needs that come up. These funds are available to be dispersed appropriately to a bunny in need. Our commitment to help may be as a pledge from BIN to get the donations started or if BIN has sufficient funds to cover a treatment, we will help with a bunny’s needs right away. It is our hope that we will always have funds available for this purpose.

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This fund is dedicated to our friend Rocky, who fought so hard with his parents to overcome his cancer. Although Rocky did not win that fight, Rocky won the hearts of many people from all over the world. Donations made to Rocky’s Memorial Fund are specifically to be used for emergency situations where the bunny will die or be euthanized without medical help.

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Bunnies hop to BIN for help, so we always have current bunnies or rats in need of financial assistance in order to get the treatment they need. If you would like to donate to a specific bunny or rat, please visit the discussion groups and check out the Current Bunnies in Need section. Each bunny or rat has their own page in the discussion group where you can read all about their story. Status updates for each bunny or rat will be posted in the group as well.

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About Bunnies in Need

Every rabbit and rat fxpro demo account download deserves to have proper medical care.  It is the mission of Bunnies in Need (BIN) to help make this happen.

No rabbit or rat should have to suffer or be euthanized because of the financial hardships of their owners or rescue organization.  BIN will strive to obtain the funding that will allow needed medical fxpro minimum deposit zar treatments to be provided.

Education about the proper diet, housing, and care of companion rabbits and rats is also an important part of BIN’s mission.  Rabbits and rats who are appropriately cared for will suffer fewer injuries and illnesses, thus reducing the need for medical care.

Most of all, it is BIN’s mission to help companion rabbits have the opportunity to live long, happy and healthy lives. telecharger metatrader 4



BIN is presently trying to raise the final funding needed for the final registration as a non profit. Here is the URL to the donation page:
It is with a very heavy and saddened heart that Benji passed last night with what seemed to be of natural causes.
Benji is how Bunnies In Need all started.... He is a legend of his own kind.
You are terribly missed.. ♥
April 9, 2006 - November 6, 2013

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