Donor FAQ

How much of my donation goes to help the rabbits/rats?

100% of your rabbit or rat-care specified donation ~ minus any PayPal, or other institutional, Transaction Fee ~ goes to help the rabbits/rats. If the donor elects any available option to cover the Transaction Fee, 100% of the donation will go toward rabbit/rat medical care.

Donations which do not specify a particular use will be deposited in the BIN General Fund for use as needed. While the overwhelming majority of monies in this Fund will be expended for rabbit/rat medical treatment, a minimal amount will also be used for necessary operating expenses.

Donations will never profit any member of the Board of Directors, or others, involved in the management and operation of Bunnies In Need.

What happens if I make a donation to a specific bunny/rat in need and you have already reached your fund raising goal?

Unless you specify an alternate preference when making the donation, or contact us and ask for a refund, your donation will be deposited in the General Fund to be used wherever it is most needed.

We make every attempt to let our supporters know when we have reached our fund raising goal.

Does BIN really have multiple fund accounts?

Yes ~ there are multiple accounts in BIN’s financial records ~ however, there will generally be only one bank account.

How will funds raised and paid for the treatment of a specific rabbit/rat be accounted for?

Each rabbit/rat client will have a separate accounting record which details all donations received and monies paid.

How are BIN funds dispensed for the medical treatment of Bunnies In Need clients?

BIN’s general policy is that all payments will be made directly to the treating veterinarian or veterinary clinic. BIN does, however, reserve the right to make exceptions when absolutely necessary.

What steps does BIN take to ascertain that applicants actually are facing financial hardship?

BIN has established quite a rigorous process to screen applicants. Several pre-application requirements must be met before the applicant is given access to the Application For Financial Assistance. Upon completion of the Application, it will be reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee, which will then present it to the Board of Directors, along with a recommendation that it be approved or denied.

How long has BIN been operating?

BIN began in 2008, on another website, as a small group of rabbit ‘parents’ helping other rabbit parents obtain needed medical treatment for their bunnies. As of June 2010, this small group has helped over 100 rabbits.

Is BIN a registered non-profit organization?

Presently, BIN is in the process of obtaining non-profit incorporation in Canada. When that process is complete, incorporation in the USA will pursued.

Are donations tax deductible?

Not as of yet. BIN will make an announcement when donations become tax deductible.