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Caring for the Small Pet With Head Tilt

by Phyllis O’Beollain     Regardless of the cause, if your rabbit or other small pet has head tilt, he or she is going to need special care – maybe for weeks or months or longer.   Lack of balance Problems with the pet’s sensory perception are the cause of their lack of balance, inability [...]

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Bumblefoot in Rabbits and Rodents

by Phyllis O’Beollain The proper name for bumblefoot is ulcerative pododermatitis, but bumblefoot is much more fun to say. Bumblefoot! Bumblefoot! That is the only fun thing about bumblefoot; it is an extremely painful infection of the footpad. Bumblefoot affects pets such as rabbits, rodents, and cavies, as well as birds of prey, poultry and [...]

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A little over a year ago, it was discovered that I have Bladder Sludge. One contributing factor is that I don’t drink enough water ~ and another MAY be that my bladder sphincter muscle isn’t strong enough to completely empty my bladder.

Because it is extremely stressful for me to be handled and “messed with”, my mom and our vet agreed to try to manage it with additional very wet veggies, rather than routinely administering sub-q fluids. Another rabbit-vet, who also incorporates some Eastern medicine into his treatments, suggested that we add the contents of a Cranberry Extract capsule to my daily diet. Last week, the results of this regime were evaluated ~ and major changes made as a result. The following is an account of what was found and what we are doing now.

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Temperature matters ~ whether it is HOT or COLD. Generally we are concerned about rabbits getting too warm ~ however ~ this is a lesson in the deadly seriousness of cold ~ even when our rabbits are housed indoors.

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There is no substitute for excellent rabbit-savvy veterinary care ~ however ~ there are times when that is not available for any number of reasons. These are some safe steps you can take at home to help your survive until medical care can be obtained.

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